Lendlease Guvnors Club Charity Ball – 2022

By Brett Page • January 10, 2023

A fantastic Bollywood Premiere event was held for our 21st Lendlease Guvnors Charity ball, thank you all for attending and making it such an amazing evening. The Bollywood dancers were amazing were great to watch and as usual Hands & Tails proved to be popular and great fun for everyone.

A massive of 750 came along. As usual there was some fierce bidding on the auction and very generous donations to the raffle. The gin bar and jaeger stalls proved very popular as usual and the dance floor was packed with people showing their best moves. As always it was wonderful to see so many people there and to catch with old friends and also make new friends.

At the end of the night once everything was counted, we raised an amazing £67,250 for our chosen charities!! This is the highest amount that has been raised in 10 years. We cannot thank you enough for your generous donations.

This fantastic amount allows us to support our three major charities, links are below if you wish to read more about them.

Also we are able to support Waltham Forest Disability Resources Centre, Action Medical Research and Fifty Foundation, again without your generosity we would not be able to support them.

Below is a breakdown of the amounts to each charity

Charity 2022   Donation  Talk Club www.talkclub.org £15,000.00

Young Women’s Trust www.youngwomenstrust.org £15,000.00

Red Balloon www.redballoonlearner.org £15,000.00

Waltham Forest Disability Resource Centre   £7,000.00

Action Medical Research www.action.org.uk £7,000.00

Fifty Foundation   £7,000.00

Here is the link to the photos located here https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAiN6m

Thank you again for your amazing support and hope to see you all at the 2023 Charity Ball.