94th Anniversary Dinner

A wonderful evening was held at The Brewery in London on 1st February 2024 by the Lendlease Guvnors Club celebrating the 94th Anniversary dinner. Guvnors, Life Guvnors, Clients, Consultants & guests attended from both our North & Midlands branch and Southern branch with over 400 in attendance. Our master of ceremonies for the evening was Troy Hawke, who welcomed our guests as they arrived with his usual witty compliments. Our National Chairman Simon Gorski delivered his Chairperson speech, which was a great opener to the evening. North & Midlands Branch Guvnor Elin Ha announced winners of the Guvnor of Year for both regions. The North & Midlands Guvnor of the Year was awarded to Zoe Gargan and the Southern Guvnor of the Year was awarded to James Lane. We also presented Life Guvnor Cans to Katrina Lamberton and Ray Carter. The Life Guvnor title recognises members of the Club who have retired but made huge contributions to the Club within their time in the business. Joy Blairs provided a phenomenal Guvnors Response Speech talking about the importance between time and money. A massive thank you to everyone who donated to the raffle this year and congratulations to the winners. The theme of charities that the branches decided to support this year was in aide of homelessness, The Docklands Settlements and Barnabus charity. The night finished with Troy Hawke providing some final entertainment then everyone was able to continue the night catching up with old friends and make new ones. Thank you all for coming, we hope you enjoyed the night and look forward to seeing you at the next event. Please enjoy the photos at