• The Club philosophy is to promote fellowship, goodwill and further the social interests of its Members. The Club is wholly owned and run by our members.

  • Events organized by The Club are subsidised; giving good ‘value for money’ on the low subscriptions charged.

  • Joining the Lendlease Guvnors Club will give you the opportunity to meet other employees at the various events, together with those retired employees you may have worked with in the past. The Club offers an opportunity to make life-long friends and association and is a fantastic opportunity to network in the industry.

  • The Club raises substantial amounts of money for charity at its events and in the past have raised over £3.2 million for such national charities as The Red Cross, Children in Need, plus a number of smaller local good causes. Whenever possible, Lendlease Guvnors Club members will actively support charitable causes, including retired Life Guvnors who in some cases have more spare time available.

  • The Club, whilst appreciating modern principles, is steeped in history and continues to live by the values and traditions originated at its inauguration in 1929 whilst looking to the future and being open to change.

  • The Club has survived and thrived through the Depression, World War II, economic recessions and major changes within Bovis, and becoming part of the Lend Lease Group of Companies.

  • Sir Frank Lampl, quoted in 1995 while Club President, summed up the ethos of the Club as follows: “The continuity of the Guvnors Club since 1929 with its branch events and annual dinners, runs like a silver thread through the history of Bovis and its growth as a world-wide construction group. It is a unique institution whose members represent the front-line of the industry”.

  • Download and complete the membership form for your region, and submit it to a current committee member for approval. You can find the contact details for current committee members on this website. Once approved you simply need to pay the joining fees and then start enjoying the events!