Who we are

Originally formed by the then chairman of Bovis, Hon. Guv. Vincent E. Vincent, in October 1929, the Guvnors Club has remained unique within the British construction industry to this day. Initially a total of 56 members attended the inaugural dinner in 1929. At that dinner VE Vincent told the assembled press of the period about the origins of the club’s title, explaining “the Guvnor is known to the world as the general foreman, to his men he is often known as something else – and sometimes he is even called the Guvnor.” Hence the Guvnors Club.

Since that first meeting, the Guvnors have survived and thrived, through the depression and World War II, recessions, major changes within the Bovis group and acquisition of Bovis by Lendlease to final become the ‘Lendlease Guvnors Club’ as we know it today.

The Club was set up to promote fellowship, goodwill and further the social interests of its Members. The Club is wholly owned and run by our Members all of whom work for Lendlease or have retired from the company. We have regional clubs in Scotland, the North, the Midlands and the South with each region having its own committee. Each committee arrange events and discuss how they can make the club grow as well. The club offers a great chance to socialise with people across the business and raise money for charity and has a busy calendar of events.

In the past 20 years the Club has turned it’s interest towards the Community and Charities. We encourage our Members to put forward their chosen charity for sponsorship from the Club. In this time The Club has raise over £3.2 million for our chosen charities. This has been through a variety of events such as sponsored cycle rides, golf day, walking weekends, skydiving, running marathons, Charity Balls, Ceilidhs and many more events.

Currently the Club has over 450 members across the regions which is made up of three categories:
GUVNORS – any current employee across any of the Lendlease Group of Companies
LIFE GUVNORS – Any retired member who has promoted and supported the Club throughout their membership who went above and beyond deserving recognition
* Our Life Guvnors wear a special maroon tie compared to all our other Guvnors who wear navy ties or pashminas.

Original Charter:
The Philosophy: The aim of the Guvnors Club is to promote and further the social interests of its Members consisting of Site Managers, Agents and General Foremen, within the Bovis Holdings Companies, with a view to fostering friendship, co-operation and service to each other.

Current Charter:
“The Philosophy: The aim of the ‘Guvnors Club’ is to promote fellowship, goodwill and further the social interests of its members consisting of site managers, agents and general foremen, with the Bovis Group of Companies”